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Argan Nourishing Smoothing Shampoo 250 ml

56.90 SAR

Product Description:


The shampoo is used as a treatment to wash and clean the hair in daily use, making it an essential cosmetic product. Hair is known to be the most important part of our appearance. The use of unsuitable shampoos results in brittle, dry and dull hair, causing a bad psychological state for many people. We can get an answer to such problems with Sense of Argan Hair Shampoo 250ml that contains ingredients rich in Argan oil extracted from the Argan tree of origins dating back to the southwest of Morocco. This oil is known for its deep moisturizing properties, and argan oil contains a high concentration of vitamin E, which penetrates into the scalp and revitalizes the hair from within. Argan oil does not give temporary hydration but it treats damaged and dry hair as well. Most of the shampoos that contain argan oil are in a smaller quantity compared to the Sense of Argan shampoo for hair 250ml and in a limited price range.

This shampoo also contains keratin which helps restore the protein structure of damaged hair. It will protect hair from damage after repeated use of the product. The third ingredient in the shampoo is linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid. Linoleic acid has moisturizing properties that make the scalp soft. Some studies have shown that linoleic acid makes the scalp resistant to any damage by restoring its natural healing properties. These properties are great for protecting and strengthening dry and sensitive scalps. Linoleic acid is believed to have some anti-inflammatory properties as well. These three essential ingredients of Sense of Argan shampoo provide amazing nourishment to the hair. The texture of brittle and dry hair is transformed into silky smooth hair after repeated use of Sense of Argan shampoo and unlike many shampoos, this product can be used on a daily basis and does not cause damage to the scalp.


The shampoo helps deep clean the hair

Argan oil moisturizes the scalp

Keratin protects hair from damage

Contains linoleic acid that helps cleanse dry and sensitive scalps

Perfect product for daily use

Recommended for dry and damaged hair

Suitable for dry and dyed hair

How to use:

Soak your hair completely. Soaking the hair in warm water helps open the pores of the skin, making the shampoo better absorbed.

Be careful not to use hot water because it causes damage to the scalp

Use a quarter of the amount and distribute to the roots and hairline from the back to the ends

Distribute with a gentle movement and massage the scalp with fingertips

Rinse the hair with cold water to close the pores of the skin and the moisture inside

Warnings and precautions:

· Keep in a cool, dry place.

· For external use only.

the ingredients:

argan oil


linoleic acid

56.90 SAR
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