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Beesline Feminine Wash For Very Sensitive Skin - 200 ml

62 SAR

Beesline feminine wash:

It is a lotion for the care of intimate areas.

Size :

- 200 ml.

Product Features:

- A lotion with a balanced pH, thus maintaining a healthy environment suitable for intimate areas.

It is free of alcohol and parabens and does not cause any harmful effects.

It consists of natural materials and helps to clean the intimate areas and keeps them moist.

Suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin.

- Clean and care for the sensitive area gently.

the ingredients :

Propolis: It is a disinfectant for microbes and provides the necessary moisture to the skin.

Lactic acid: maintains hydration and eliminates unpleasant odors.

Sage and thyme: substances that purify the skin.

- Nigella sativa and oat oil: to soothe the skin in cases of itching and skin irritation.

How to use :

A small amount of lotion is added to about a liter of lukewarm water, then the sensitive areas are gently washed.

Tips when using feminine lotion in general:

Choosing the appropriate lotion that does not affect the acidity of the sensitive areas, and in the event of any irritation or sensitivity, you must stop using the lotion and refer to the doctor.

- Clean the intimate areas from top to bottom and not vice versa to ensure that no microbes are transmitted.

62 SAR
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