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Bioderma BO Zinc Moisturizing Cream For Sensitive Irritated Skin 100 ml

139 SAR

Care for sensitive and irritated skin needs carefully selected products, and moisturizing sensitive and irritated skin needs special creams. Introducing Bioderma Atoderm BO Zinc Cream, which is specially designed to moisturize and soothe sensitive and irritated skin . Bioderma Atoderm PO Zinc Cream contains effective emollients and antiseptics, which provides instant relief to extremely dry skin and irritated sensitive skin. BIODERMA cream strengthens the skin barrier and limits the proliferation of microorganisms and irritants that aggravate the condition.

The zinc elements in BIODERMA cream calm the irritation and the feeling of itchiness on the skin quickly and reduce the redness of the skin.

Bioderma BO Zinc Cream is free of parabens, aromatics and skin irritants

139 SAR
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