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Bioderma Photoderm Max High Protection SPF 100 Cream - 40 ml

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BIODERMA Photoderm Max High Protection SPF 100 Cream:

A cream that provides maximum sun protection that matches the human skin's self-defense systems

In addition to its UVA/UVB effect (filtration systems), Photoderm Max provides true internal biological protection.

Patented with Cellular Bioprotection, this exclusive patent is intended to perform two main actions:

Maintaining and activating the skin's defense systems (immunity) during exposure to sunlight, biological protection of the genome and the integrity of cells and tissues.

Activates the skin's natural protective systems, protects against the risks of cell damage, and fights premature skin aging.

Creamy with a smooth texture, colorless when applied to the skin, without greasy, without white traces.

Tremendous endurance.

DNA protection of 99.8%* thanks to the patented Cellular Bioprotection.

How to use :-

Apply Photoderm Max generously and evenly before exposure to the sun and after the skin has dried well. The application should be reapplied frequently after swimming or any sports activity or after it has been removed from the skin.

94.50 SAR 139 SAR
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Remas Almalki

1 month ago

يناسب جميع انواع البشرة ؟


لوله إبراهيم

3 months ago


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