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Carefree Double Action Wash With Vitamin E & Cotton Extract - 200 ml

45.50 SAR

Carefree double action wash for the best care and hydration of the intimate area with the formula of vitamin E and natural cotton extract.

Carefree Cleansing Foam is specially designed to clean and refresh the intimate area and give it the necessary daily care that lasts all day.

With a mild, soap-free formula, this wash takes into account the pH level of this intimate area and is suitable for daily use.

Enriched with Vitamin E and Natural Cotton Extract.

It gives hydration and freshness.

Smoothness and freshness that lasts 24 hours.

Maintains the pH balance in the sensitive area.

Prevents rashes, irritation and odor.

Mild and soap free.


Suitable for daily use.

Dermatologist and gynecologist tested.

How to use :

It is used like soap or shower gel by diluting it with water and using a hand or a sponge, the intimate area is cleaned and then rinsed with water.

For external use only. keep away from the reach of the children. Store out of direct sunlight.

Tips for the perfect care of the intimate areas:

Wash intimate areas a maximum of twice a day, morning and evening, washing too frequently can lead to irritation.

Do not use vaginal rinsing. Heavy flowing water, frequent soap use, and harsh products can damage the delicate film that coats the vaginal wall.

Rinse well after washing intimate areas and dry thoroughly.

If necessary, apply a soothing product and avoid antiseptic products.

Wash intimate areas with your hands because bathroom gloves are full of microbes.

Wear clean underwear every day and choose cotton clothing rather than fabric or rayon.

Avoid tight clothing, as it can cause chafing.

During your period, change your feminine pad regularly.

45.50 SAR
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