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Cetaphil Extra Gentle Body Wash Scented Body Wash 500ml

98 SAR

Product Description Cetaphil Extra Gentle Scented Body Wash:

Gently cleanses the body without leaving the skin dry. Cetaphil Extra Gentle Skin Cleansing Lotion contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5 and a unique combination of moisturizing ingredients that leave skin clean, smooth and rejuvenated in and after shower. While providing nourishing ingredients to help maintain the skin's moisture barrier and thus maintain the skin hydration that dry or sensitive skin needs. Cetaphil Lotion gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin without stripping its natural moisture.

the size:

500 ml


- Contains glycerin, panthenol and tocopherol, which are the basic building blocks for strengthening and strengthening the skin barrier.

The triple blend of sunflower seed oil, soybean oil and shea butter to help maintain the skin's natural moisture.

- For adults and children, even newborns and children

Suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin.

Designed specifically for everyday use.

98 SAR
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