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Cetaphil Lotion SPF 50 + 50 ml

104 SAR

Product Description:

Ultra-high protection lipid formula with SPF 50+ against UVA, UVB and infrared rays

With a unique, light, unscented, fast-absorbing, non-sticky and highly water-resistant formula that feels great on the skin.

Sunscreens offer extra water resistance (in both freshwater and saltwater), sweat-resistant, and provide long-lasting protection from the sun.

Very gentle on the skin.

Suitable for dry to sensitive skin.

Product Benefits:

Helps maintain skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles

-Helps reduce the risk of sunburn

Fast absorption and great skin feeling

Effective broad spectrum UVB and UVA filters

Nourishing with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Free from parabens, fragrances and emulsifiers

- Extremely water resistant

- Does not cause allergies and does not clog pores

How to use :-

1- Apply a sufficient amount on the face and body 10-20 minutes before exposure to the sun

2- Re-apply every two hours, especially after swimming or using towels.

3- Avoid direct and intense exposure to the sun, especially at noon

104 SAR
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