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Charmel Merkel | White Clay Mask 500gm

229.50 SAR 270 SAR

0 g of 98% Natural White Clay – Can be used on all skin types – Dermatologically tested, 100% safe – Tested on the top layer of the skin (a very rare test, we made sure at Charmel to conduct this test for your safety and because we Committed to the highest quality standards worldwide. – Listed with the Food and Drug Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Free of Parabens (parabens: a dangerous chemical that may be present in cosmetics)

White Clay, a natural powder that is soft and light on the skin, has high absorbency and natural properties, you can make a white clay mask and use it on your skin whatever its color.

Benefits of white clay for the skin

Can be used on the face and body.

Helps treat acne or skin pigmentation.

Helps reduce skin sagging and wrinkles.

- Helps nourish the skin and lighten its color.

- Helps to remove toxins from the skin with its mineral salts.

Increased blood circulation in the skin.

It is characterized by containing many important minerals for the skin, such as calcium, zinc, iron, silicon, as well as potassium and magnesium.

Beneficial for both sensitive and dry skin; Because it is considered a good moisturizer for the skin; Because it retains water and moisture.

It narrows the pores of the skin, which makes it show immediate results.

- Keeps the skin soft and radiant.

Ideal for tired and wrinkled skin.

How to use

10 minute white clay mask:

Apply a sufficient amount of white clay on the face, leave it for 10 minutes, then wash it with warm water

Made in France exclusively for Charmel

229.50 SAR 270 SAR
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