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Colgate mouthwash fresh mint 500 ml

27.90 SAR

Colgate Fresh Mint Mouthwash fights bad breath 24/7 and protects against bacteria and plaque. Feel confident all day and get rid of bad breath all day long. Non-alcoholic.

Directions for use: Use Colgate Mouthwash twice a day after brushing your teeth for a fresher, healthier mouth. Fill the cup to the streak (20ml). Rinse the mouth well for 30 seconds by gargling and then remove it from the mouth.

  • It protects you from bad breath 24/7, giving you confidence all day long.
  • Non-alcoholic.
  • Use twice a day
  • Mint flavor for long lasting freshness

27.90 SAR
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طاهر الصبحي

4 months ago

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