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Comfort Night Sofy - 8 pads.

9.25 SAR

Comfortable night sofi with wings

Description: A comfortable night sanitary napkin with wings, which is the longest and widest ever, to prevent leakage from behind during sleep, so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.


*100 . cotton

*Does not cause allergic reactions or vaginal infections

* Full back protection to prevent leakage from the back

* Multiple barriers to prevent leakage from all sides

Super absorbent filling for longer hours of special protection

the shape:

*Package with 8 pads

* Height 35 cm

Types of sanitary pads

Daily towels:

It's a monthly pad, but it's small.

It is used with light secretions, it is suitable for daily life.

It is useful at the beginning and end of the menstrual cycle.

Not suitable for heavy menstrual flow*

fish thin*

Monthly pads:

*Made of pure cotton

*Suitable for heavy menstrual flow

Available in different sizes and thicknesses*

9.25 SAR
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