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Deodorant cream Vichy 7 days from the company Vichy

85.50 SAR

One of the steps of personal hygiene and body care is deodorant, so we are always looking for the best deodorant. Introducing Vichy 7-day deodorant cream from the famous Vichy company.

Vichy Deodorant Cream is a 7-day effective deodorant cream for men and women who suffer from excessive sweating and are looking for long-lasting efficacy without irritating the skin. Long-lasting efficacy of Vichy anti-perspirant deodorant with a highly effective anti-perspirant formula that targets sweat pores for up to 7 days of protection. Vichy's deodorant formula is dermatologically tested. Vichy deodorant cream is alcohol-free with a light fragrance. With regular use of Vichy deodorant cream, the secretion of perspiration decreases continuously week after week. The non-greasy or sticky melt-in formula quickly penetrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and comfortable for immediate and lasting protection. It does not leave white marks on the skin or clothes.

85.50 SAR
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