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Easy Way Sponge 3 Pieces

60.90 SAR

Easy Way Makeup Sponge Set Consists Of Contour Sponge + Foundation Blending Sponge With Sponge Case

"Soft Skin": the perfect makeup sponge for applying your favorite foundation, BB and CC cream, or any other creamy makeup, this sponge makes application much easier and gives you a perfect look and flawless edges.

Large Soft Skin Sponge

It is used for the face and the entire body, through moisturizing technology when applying the foundation on your face and body, and you can also use it to blend, define contour lines, highlight, and cream blush.

Soft Skin Small Sponge

Use for concealer under your eyes, tight spaces and near the mouth, and then use to blend.

Soft Skin Sponges: Tapered corners and beveled edges are designed to reach hard-to-reach areas such as the eyes, around the mouth and the nose. Use either dry or wet, and apply the necessary cosmetics with "Soft Skin" sponges.

Soft Skin Case

Keep sponges protected from dirt and germs, store or carry sponges on the go with ease and the design of the case also helps them ventilate so that the sponges dry properly.

Cleaning method:

After each use: Wet with warm water and soap designed for cleaning cosmetic tools and rub gently, repeat the process until completely clean and leave in the open air to dry.

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60.90 SAR
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