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Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream Fragrance Free - 454gm

109 SAR
  • Dermatologist Recommended Brand
  • since 1900
  • For very dry skin
  • Fortified with Ceramide-3 and a natural moisturizing factor
  • Skin care from dermatology
  • Provides long lasting moisture
  • Free of fragrances, dyes, and parabens

Eucerin® Skin Science mark on the product

Eucerin®, with over 100 years of innovation in dermatological science, offers a full range of clinically proven solutions to meet a number of skin needs, backed by a strict commitment to quality. This is why Eucerin is recommended by dermatologists all over the world.

Eucerin® Advanced Repair Cream - an advanced moisturizing formula that hydrates extremely dry skin and helps maintain its moisture balance.

  • rich in ceramides 3; It reinforces the skin's protective moisture barrier
  • Rich in natural moisturizing factors; It contains a blend of natural moisturizing ingredients found in the skin that moisturizes intensely and helps prevent dehydration

109 SAR
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