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Eva Keratin Dual Effect Intense Nourishment Hair Ampoules - 49 ml

44 SAR 49 SAR

E-Keratin Hair Nourishing Ampoules

double-acting effect

Intense nourishment: It provides the hair with all the nutrients required for a healthy scalp, in addition to working to intensify and strengthen the hair strands.

Reducing hair loss: It helps to strengthen its strands, improve its elasticity and reduce the appearance of brittle hair.

The effective formula works against hair breakage by:

  • Giving hair strength and increasing its resistance to various tensile factors.
  • Withstand different pressures.
  • Protect hair from friction damage.

How to use:

  • Wash your hair and then dry it with a towel.
  • Open the ampoule by separating the last part of the nozzle with a twist.
  • Apply the lotion evenly on the scalp.
  • Spread it well on your hair.
  • Massage for 2-3 minutes
  • Use all the contents of the ampoule each time you use it.
  • It is not rinsed off.
  • For better results: Repeat on a clean scalp every two days.

dual effect

Have a layer of protection:

Protects the natural protein that makes up the hair from harmful external influences.

Hair Reconstruction:

It penetrates the inner layers of damaged hair and rebuilds them.

44 SAR 49 SAR
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