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Fair and White Aloe Vera Soap for Moisturizing, Lightening and Protection from Dryness - 200 gm Fair and White

55.50 SAR

Fair and White Lightening and Moisturizing Soap with Aloe Vera Extract helps in:

Lightening the skin, giving it great freshness, unifying your skin tone, and removing pigmentation resulting from the effects of the sun, or previous grain spots, and others.

It works to treat visible skin grains or that may appear, such as acne, pimples and blackheads.

Contributes to moisturizing your skin and giving it super softness as soon as it is used.

What distinguishes this soap is that if you use it frequently, it will not cause dehydration to your skin.

How to use :

Wash your face with it daily, morning and evening, and moisturize your skin with natural aloe vera gel.

55.50 SAR
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