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Fair and White Olive Oil Lightening Soap - 200 gm

55.50 SAR

Fair and White olive oil soap helps with:

Moisturizes the skin and fights dryness, thus increasing its freshness and softness.

It treats the problem of large pores, tightens the skin, and fights signs of aging by eliminating skin wrinkles.

It removes impurities and dead cells from the skin.

It removes the effects of pimples and scars and prevents the appearance of acne and rashes, in addition to its role in cleansing wounds and burns.

It is used as a make-up remover, where the face is washed with this soap before bedtime to get rid of the effects of make-up on the face.

How to use :

Form a lather between the hands and apply to the face and body as needed.

55.50 SAR
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