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Forever52 Natural Looking Lashes – NLE006

29.50 SAR

With a thick, naturally thick brush, Dailylife forever52 features a thick, gradual wing in the outer corner, perfect for enjoying nighttime events and enjoying skills wherever you go. It looks great on anyone. They are lightweight, feather-cushioned, luxuriously soft, and made from the finest materials for ultimate comfort and longevity. Each pair can be worn at least 20-25 times with gentle application.


  • Very carefully, remove the eyelashes from their place using tweezers
  • Compare your natural eyelashes with false eyelashes, and there is a need to cut off the excess to reach the length of your eyelashes suitable for you.
  • Starting directly above the roots of your natural eyelashes, apply it to your eyelid with a light touch, then make sure that both sides are flush and pressed into place.
  • You can use mascara to blend, tangle and overlap between your natural and false eyelashes

29.50 SAR
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