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Garnier Extra-Nourishing Legendary Olive Shampoo 400ml

16.50 SAR

Garnier Ultra Doux Legendary Olive Oil Shampoo is an ingredient for deeply dry or damaged hair. Garnier Ultra Doux has chosen a legendary oil with a thousand benefits: pure olive oil. This powerful elixir extracted from the fruit of the Millennium Tree is the gold of life. Thanks to its richness in fatty acids and the antioxidant vitamin E, it has been used since ancient times for its highly nourishing, softening and restorative properties.

: How to use

Apply it to your hair and massage gently, then wash it.

For a better result, then use the Ultra-Nourishing Conditioner and the Ultra-Nourishing Leave-In Cream from the Garnier Ultra Doux Legendary Olive Oil range.

: Warnings and Precautions

In case of contact with the eyes, they must be washed with water immediately

:the ingredients

Nourishing pure olive oil

16.50 SAR
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Amira .

11 months ago

استخدمه من اول بس سعره مره ممتاز بهالموقع عشان كذا طلبته

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