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Garnier Hydra Bomb Mask with Green Tea Extract 32g

11.90 SAR

:Product Description

Mask = a full week of hydrating serum*

This mask is moistened with a balancing formula enriched with green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and a moisturizing serum. When applied to the face, it acts as a moisturizing pad to distribute the effectiveness of the serum into the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin. Paraben free

Noticeable efficacy (1): After 15 minutes: your skin regains its hydration (2) wonderfully and becomes balanced and clear. After a week: the oily areas of the face are less shiny, and the pores become less visible. Use after use, your skin quality improves

*Depends on the amount of moisturizing glycerine contained in the mask

Usage Instructions:

1. Open the mask. Gently apply the white tip to clean skin. The blue tip should be visible

2. Pull out the blue protective cap. Lay the mask all over your face

3. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes. It stays on your face and makes you move freely

4. Gently pull the mask off your face. Gently massage your face or use a cotton swab to remove the excess

11.90 SAR
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