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Gillette Venus Riviera Shaver 2 pcs.

38 SAR

Gillette Venus Riviera 2-blade blades:

Gillette Venus Riviera Disposable Razor Replacement offers added shaving comfort, thanks to its leather-protective microfine and ergonomic anti-slip handle.

the description:

  • 2 female blade

the use:

  • razor blades


  • Smooth shave with the scent of the Bosphorus flower
  • The round head pivots to easily fit hard-to-shave areas
  • With a touch of aloe vera
  • 2 blade holders
  • 2 spares

Why Gillette Venus:

  • Smooth shave for added comfort
  • Protective moisturizers for the skin
  • Moisturizing gel bar
  • Anti-slip handle

Preferably use with:

  • shaving creams
  • shaving foam

Because it helps to

  1. Preparing hair for shaving
  2. Protect the skin around the hair
  3. Easy-to-move lubricant on the skin
  4. It leaves nothing on the skin and makes it clean after use

Popular questions with usage:

  • When do I change my razor blades?

  Although there is no set rule, you should replace your blades at the first sign of discomfort or strong accompanying itching

  • Can I use Venus' blades on my bikini area?

Yes, Venus blades can be used on the bikini area for best results, it is recommended to first cut the area with some scissors or hair clippers. Then, in a warm bath or shower, apply shaving cream and use a soft razor. Make sure to use a moisturizer when doing it to keep your skin hydrated

  • What direction should I shave?

The direction of shaving depends on the area of the body due to the way the hair grows

  • For your armpits, it's best to shave from all angles (up, down, and to the side).
  • For legs, it is best to start at the ankle and move up
  • For the bikini area, shave first in the direction of hair growth (inward) and then against the direction of the hair, shaving very close to the skin

38 SAR
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