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Guerlain L'estant de Guerlain-100ml

225 SAR 300 SAR

L'Instant de Guerlain perfume by Guerlain is a woody aromatic fragrance suitable for men. It is a scent that exudes strength and elegance; A scent that combines extreme masculinity and delicate femininity. Vetiver accentuates this scent. Contrasts of this fragrance stand out in the exquisite blend of perfectly balanced notes. Top notes bring out notes of bergamot, star anise, lemon, pepper and citruses. Middle notes show notes of jasmine, tea, hibiscus, and smoke. The rich, woody sandalwood and patchouli notes stand out at the base of the fragrance. L'Instant de Guerlain perfume by Guerlain has an elegant and distinctive scent.

225 SAR 300 SAR
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