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Hi Queen 4% Skin Lightening Cream - 30 gm

19.55 SAR

Hi-Queen cream works to lighten the skin, lighten sensitive areas, and remove the effects of melasma that appear during pregnancy and darkening of the knees. Hi-Queen cream is also used to treat the effects of acne.

It also works to reduce and reduce the appearance of brown skin spots, and it works to resist the signs of aging, the most important of which are the dark spots that appear on the skin, and is based on eliminating the effects of bruises and trauma to the skin and results in brown spots that do not disappear.

It also works and helps treat the problem of darkening of the armpit to a large extent, as it has the ability to lighten any area in the body, no matter how dark it is.

19.55 SAR
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حنان الغامدي

4 months ago

ابي كريم هاي كوين

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