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Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Cream & Honey Soap - 125 gm


About the product:

A cleansing soap for the skin with a soft creamy formula, enriched with nourishing honey extract, which removes dirt and impurities stuck on the skin and gives it an ultra-hydrating degree with deep nourishment and does not cause a greasy feel to enjoy a clear, clean skin.

Product Benefits:

A cleansing soap that gives you strong freshness and a soft, non-greasy feel to your skin

How to use:

Massage the bar of soap onto a wet loofah with water until it makes a strong lather. Then massage your body with the loofah until it is completely covered with the foam. Rinse it off with warm water.

About the brand:

Himalaya is a leading Indian brand in the world of health care and skin care products, the company was founded in 1930 by Muhammad Manal. The brand now pumps its huge sales in many countries of the world, reaching 106 countries around the world. The company derives the active ingredients in its products from nature such as Ayurveda, which are used by more than 290 researchers to create products that are safe and satisfying to the needs of customers.

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