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Ice Roller Face and Body Massager

29.90 SAR

Among the steps that invade the world of beauty is a facial massage with ice in order to obtain many benefits, including tightening the skin and reducing its irritation. The Ice Roller is a tool whose design is inspired by the idea of applying ice to the skin, especially in terms of combating puffy eyes. You should immediately include the Ice Roller in your beauty routine, why? Here is the answer.

What is the Ice Roller Tool?

Ice Roller is a medium-sized tool, which contains a cylinder-like wheel with gel inside, which you have to put in the refrigerator until you use it. This "snow" wheel connects to the main tool and works to tighten the skin thanks to the low heat, which penetrates the cells through the strong blue light.

What are the benefits of using an ice roller?

Treating puffy eyes, especially in the morning hours

Reducing skin irritation and redness due to allergies

Tighten the skin and prevent sagging

Clean pores and prevent dirt from accumulating inside them

Reducing muscle spasms in the face

Close open pores

When can you use the ice roller and how?

The Ice Roller is a simple tool that you can use every day, whether in the morning or in the evening. If you suffer from puffy eyes after waking up, it is best to use it in the morning.

The method of use is very easy, simply put the ice wheel in the main tool to connect to it, and pass it on your face slowly and lightly, for two minutes.

On the other hand, you can use it after hair removal and around the lips to reduce redness and prevent pimples.

29.90 SAR
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