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Johnson's Baby Fresh Baby Powder - 500 ml

48 SAR

JOHNSON’S® Baby Refreshing Powder with Honeysuckle gently refreshes and cools the skin.

The powder is clinically proven to be gentle and mild on your baby's delicate and sensitive skin, while minimizing the effects of chafing and chafing.

With a clean, fresh scent, JOHNSON'S Baby Powder is incredibly soft and glides on your baby's skin to reduce chafing, leaving it feeling soft and gently dry while providing long-lasting comfort and freshness.

How to use:

For your baby, use it after every bath or nappy change. To use it yourself, apply it whenever you want to get soft, fresh and comfortable skin. Sprinkle the powder directly onto your hand and away from the face before applying it to baby's skin. Close tightly after each use and store in a cool, dry place.

48 SAR
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