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Johnson's Baby Powder 100g

8.50 SAR

Designed with purifying talc, JOHNSON'S Baby Powder absorbs to keep baby's skin comfortable, dry and healthy all day long.

Millions of moms trust Johnson's Baby Powder, which is scientifically proven to be gentle and great for both kids and adults.

Johnson's baby care products. Millions of mothers have trusted him for over 100 years.


• Scientifically proven gentle formula specially designed for baby's delicate skin

• Free of dyes, parabens and phthalates

• Designed with purified talc and evaluated by experts in science and medicine

• Helps protect the baby's skin from rubbing and rubbing

• Absorbs moisture for smooth, dry, healthy-looking skin

• Hypoallergenic and free of dyes and parabens

• Tested by Pediatricians and Dermatologists

8.50 SAR
Two comments

منى العنزي

5 months ago



Taghreed Suliman

9 months ago

استعملها انا لنفسي دايماً بعد الشور واذا بروح مشوار طويل احطه بعد مزيل العرق لانه يخفف من التعرق تضل المناطق العرِقه جافه 👍🏻♥️

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