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Johnson's Baby Shampoo Shiny Drops 500ml

29.90 SAR

Johnson's Shiny Drops Shampoo for Kids is distinguished by its innovative formula with a touch of silk proteins and a drop of argan oil, to give hair a better natural shine and help reduce frizz, leaving it feeling silky smooth and looking healthy. Johnson's Baby Shampoo Shiny Drops was developed by hair care professionals and is a gentle baby shampoo on the scalp that cleans hair effectively and safely, without leaving any dryness or residue, giving hair a wonderful feeling of softness with the first use. Johnson's Baby Shampoo Shiny Drops has a performance comparable to that of adult products thanks to its unique technology, as well as the mildness and safety characteristics required in children's products.

How to use: Wet the hair, apply shampoo and gently rub the scalp until many bubbles form, then rinse the hair well with water.

29.90 SAR
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