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Johnson's Body Wash With Papaya Extract 400 ml

19.50 SAR

Johnson's Vita-Rich Body Wash With Papaya Extract:

Johnson's Shower Gel Soap is characterized by its pleasant smell and foam, which effectively helps moisturize and soften your skin, giving it a glow and a pleasant scent.

It contains gentle papaya extract on the skin with vegetable glycerin to give you smooth, healthy and shiny skin and gives it comfort for 24 hours.

Vita-Rich Shower Gel gives you a fragrant skin and a healthy look throughout the day.

It gives your dry skin long-lasting hydration with its rich and gentle texture.

19.50 SAR
Two comments

Mona Mubarak

5 months ago

ريحته حلوه ومنعشه👍🏻


Nohe Asary

1 year ago


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