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Johnson's Floral Cologne 100 ml

13.50 SAR

Scientifically proven to be gentle, JOHNSON'S Dream Cologne has been specially formulated for baby's delicate skin.

Johnson's Dream Cologne provides a long-lasting, dreamy fragrance that leaves your baby's skin feeling clean and smelling fresh.


A scientifically proven gentle formula specially designed for baby's delicate skin

Specially designed for baby's delicate skin

Infused with delicate breezes for long-lasting freshness How and when to use: Apply to small areas of your baby's skin such as the neck, behind the ears and forearms. It can also be applied to clothing and hair by pouring a small amount onto a comb first, especially for your infant.

Safety tip: For external use only. Store in a dry place away from the sun. Avoid the eye area. Do not apply to irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat and light.

13.50 SAR
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محمد العريفي

10 months ago

حبيييييت ياليت توفروون حجم اكبر

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