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Johnson's Vita-Rich Soothing Body Wash With Cranberry Extract - 250 ml

14.50 SAR

About the product:

  • JOHNSON’S Vita-Rich Body Wash gives dry skin long-lasting hydration with its rich texture.

  • Enriched with the goodness of cranberry and raspberry extracts and hydrating glycerin, JOHNSON'S Vita-Rich Freshness Shower Gel effectively hydrates and softens dry skin and provides 24 hour comfort.

  • JOHNSON’S Vita-Rich Freshness Body Wash features a rich lather, smooth texture and delicious fragrance that leaves your skin feeling healthy, revitalized and tactilely soft.

  • Use JOHNSON'S® Vita-Rich Freshness Shower Gel to leave skin feeling fragrant, healthy-looking, and comfortable all day!


  • Its formula gives your skin comfort that lasts 24 hours
  • Rich and foamy formula for intense hydration
  • Contains cranberry and raspberry extracts and moisturizing glycerin

About the brand:

  • Over 100 years of experience in the care of beautiful, smooth skin, Johnson's has developed a range of beauty products for adults, ideal for all skin types. They include face washes and moisturizers as well as shower gels and body care products, giving you just what you need for beautiful skin. Johnson's Adult Collection also offers you a wide and comprehensive range that helps you protect your skin during all seasons of the year.

When and how to use:

  • For a rich lather, apply a small amount of liquid body soap to your hands or a loofah and massage into the body. Rinse it well.

Safety tip:

  • For external use only. keep away from the reach of the children. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep in a cool, dry place. Store away from sunlight.

14.50 SAR
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