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KS22 Kara Beauty 18 Pieces Gray Brush Set

136 SAR

It is said that gray is the new wave!

Introducing this 18-piece brush set.

Our yellow brushes are combined with matte black wooden handles, which are easy to clean off any excess makeup.

Our bristles are synthetic with thick neon hair.

Silky to the touch, our synthetic bristles make it easy to blend into any look.

From beginners to professionals, these brushes are perfect for all types of experiences.

Create all the makeup looks you want with this 18-piece brush set.

Our packaging is second to none, we've included Velcro to ensure the highest protection for your mattress.

The Velcro strap is designed to avoid any messes and keep brushes organized in a fashionable way.

!! This is how the brushes should be

Bristle hair type: synthetic

136 SAR
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