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L'Oreal Colored Hair Shampoo 400 ml

17.50 SAR

Item description:

For normal or dry hair, Elvive Precious Oils Shampoo is enriched with six oils extracted from rare flowers to nourish hair from its roots.

Provides a perfect balance by not weighing the hair roots and nourishing the ends. This formula will leave your hair nourished, soft, and resilient.

: How to use

Apply to wet hair, gently massage all over your scalp, then rinse.

Then use the precious oils balm and oil replacement.

: Warnings and Precautions

In case of contact with the eyes, they must be washed with water immediately

17.50 SAR
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حمزة الصائغ

11 months ago

الشامبو المفضل للشعر المصبوغ

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