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Liquid Blush - NARS - DOLCE VITA

210 SAR

the description:

A pigment-rich liquid blusher that makes lips flush with natural-looking color that matches all skin tones.

the influence:

Soft and light, this liquid blusher is enriched with monoi and tamano oils that blend for a natural look and a layered feel. It adds a soft touch of color to the skin for a healthy glow all year round. The buildable formula blends seamlessly for guaranteed use.

Suggested use:

Just one swipe is enough to give you the perfect amount of long-wearing color for a high-impact sheer look.

For a natural look:

Start by applying it on top of the cheeks in the area that is naturally flushed.

Move it up and out toward the temples.

Apply the remaining amount to the lower part of the nose, chin and forehead for a healthy glow.

For a radiant look:

Apply a medium color to the high points of the cheekbones.

Use a darker shade of blush and apply it under the top of the cheeks to define.

Mix two colors of liquid blush together by applying a powder blusher starting from the top of the cheeks.

To get the dimensions:

Apply as a layer over or under other products as it blends easily with skin.

For rich color and added dimension, apply any shade of Nars Amazing Powder Blush over liquid blush.

Apply it under or over the foundation cream for a number of effects.

“Blush has always been a way to get noticed in my opinion. This new formula takes blush to the next level.”—Francois Nars, Founder and Creative Director of Nars Cosmetics

210 SAR
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