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Makarizo Olive Extract Shampoo-170

32 SAR

Makarizo Hair Energy Fiber Therapy Shampoo

A deep cleanser with a naturally gentle formula that cleans the hair of all remnants of lotions and treatments, moisturizes the hair and makes it easy to handle.

Contains keratin, amino acids, vital substances to form keratin and the essential protein that enhances the integrity of the hair structure to make it more shiny, healthy and strong. Olive extract, Omega 6 and Passiphora oil combined help to nourish and calm the hair and make it more flexible and shiny.

How to use: Put an appropriate amount of shampoo on the palm of the hand, then put it on wet hair. Massage the hair and scalp until a foam is formed. Wash the hair carefully.

Made in Indonesia

32 SAR
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