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Mavala Cuticle Remover 10ml Cuticle Remover

72.50 SAR

Removes the dead skin that grows excessively around the nails

Size: 10ml

Made in Switzerland

How to use

Using the brush and after covering it with cotton, the solution is applied to the dead skin around the nail to wrap the dead part and leave the nail contour neat.

72.50 SAR
Two comments

Fatima Jabali

2 months ago

جيد غير دهني ويمتص بسرعه استخدمته مع باقي منتجات مفالا ولاحظت تحسن في قوة الظفر والطول ومظهر الجلد حول الظفر


Afnan Alqahtane

10 months ago

جميل 🧡

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