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Mavala Nail Cream Nourishing -15ml

89 SAR 99.50 SAR
  • nail care
  • Nourishing cream for damaged nails

Are your nails dry, brittle, damaged and weak?

Nailactan nourishes and moisturizes brittle and weak nails. This rich nail cream contains vitamins and proteins and nourishes the nail from the ground up. It strengthens damaged, cracked and brittle nails.

The nail plate is made up of layers of compacted sclerotic protein cells, which are held together by natural oils and moisture that give the keratinized layer its elasticity. It is normal for the visible outer layer to be particularly sensitive to external elements and can be easily dried by sunlight, cold weather, chlorine, detergents, etc., which causes brittle nails.

Nailactan is a biological complex of essential amino acids such as glycine, tyrosine, lipids and keratin-balanced vitamins. It resists drying and helps restore the elasticity of the nail plates, thus strengthening the nails. Nails that are not brittle usually do not break. Nailactan Cream is specially developed for dry, brittle, soft and damaged nails.

89 SAR 99.50 SAR
Two comments

Fatima Jabali

5 months ago

جيد غير دهني ويمتص بسرعه استخدمته مع باقي منتجات مفالا ولاحظت تحسن في قوة الظفر والطول ومظهر الجلد حول الظفر


Rawan Al Muzel

6 months ago


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