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Med Hill Mask & Hand Mask 7ml

12.50 SAR

Medi-Heal Therapine Mask For Hands 7ml:

  • Keep your hands looking smooth and hydrated this season with this homemade intensive hand care mask and in 15 minutes it will transform dry, wrinkled hands into hydrated, shiny hands.
  • Helps treat creaky, dry hands with fine wrinkles
  • Keeps hands soft during the fall and winter seasons
  • Helps treat people whose hands have been damaged by housework and office work
  • Easy to use, adjustable, touch screen gloves
  • It has passed the US FDA product safety test and is free of: Parabens, Benzophenone, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Triclosan
  • How to use: Step 1 Remove hand masks from packaging, tear along hole to separate, insert one into each glove as indicated. Step 2 Remove the film from the back of the sticky tape and tie it to fit your wrist size. (For better absorption, massage hands with gloves). Remove the masks after 10-20 minutes. Step 3 Massage any remaining essence into the skin until fully absorbed.

12.50 SAR
Two comments

بشاير محمد

7 months ago

ماجربته بس واضح حلو


اروى احمد

8 months ago

يرطب اليدين وينعمها مع الاستمرار

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