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Merito Spray Starch for Iron - 400 ml +25% free

18 SAR

the description:

Always easy and simple.

Merito is a unique spray for ironing. Thanks to its ease of use with the airbrush and its special composition, it penetrates the fabric structure and returns the softness and elasticity of your laundry's scratches, and makes ironing easier. By using the benefit feature, you can improve the appearance of linen and give it a fresh scent and cleanliness. It is suitable for all kinds of cloth.

Instructions for use:

Shake well before use.

Point the sprayer on the area to be ironed, provided that the distance between the sprayer and the clothes is not less than 25 cm

For a stronger effect, repeat the spray.

Empty the container completely when rotating the hole at the top of the sprayer on the red mark.

18 SAR
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