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Myrrh and turmeric soap - Taha

10 SAR

Myrrh and turmeric soap

The benefits of myrrh and turmeric soap and its amazing effect in the field of skin care, its beauty and its glasses. The first is 100% natural, and the experience is the best proof of a glassy skin look and feel. It is distinctive and very effective in removing blackness under the eyes, as well as for acne problems, as it dries up acne, removes its effects, and nourishes the skin with the benefits of myrrh and turmeric, and is also effective for removing pimples and black heads, as it cleans and grips the skin and works To remove dead cells and lighten dark areas, especially if used with myrrh and turmeric cream, where the face is washed with myrrh and turmeric soap and gently dries the face and then painted the face with myrrh and turmeric cream counterclockwise and left until morning and washed the face again with myrrh and turmeric soap. I assure you that you will see amazing and fast results God willing, the materials used are 100% natural.

Goodbye to skin problems with natural myrrh and turmeric soap

Myrrh and turmeric soap

Lightening, cleaning and eliminating grains, all this in one soap only, in which myrrh and turmeric met, and everyone knows the most wonderful benefits of myrrh and turmeric for the skin in lightening, tightening and eliminating natural acne.

Turmeric benefits for skin:

Turmeric helps to whiten the face, body and skin by one hundred percent and removes black spots, freckles and melasma while continuing

Moisturizes and softens the skin and eliminates dryness

Calms the skin and eliminates skin infections in the skin.

Myrrh benefits for the skin:

Useful in treating skin defects such as wrinkles, color mixing, acne, and sagging

Of course, we all know the benefits of bitter in tightening and pills, as it is considered an antibiotic for everything

turmeric benefits

Lightening and delays aging of the skin, protecting it from wrinkles

Amazing brightener for the skin

It gives you freshness, luster, whiteness and vitality

It gives you a feeling of comfort

Cleanser and skin assistant in removing dead cells

Cleanser and disinfectant for the face and all parts of the body, especially the sensitive area

Useful and treat dark spots and itching

Astringent, antiseptic and anti-bacterial

10 SAR
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