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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Water Gel - 50ml

49.90 SAR

Stop moisturizing your skin and quench it

The new Hydro Boost from Neutrogena is a complete system that leaves your skin hydrated. For smooth, hydrated skin that radiates from within.

  • Stop moisturizing your skin and quench it.
  • The new Hydro Boost Water Cleansing Gel with a unique matrix of hyaluronic gel (the bond to hyaluronic gel) instantly locks in hydration and continues to release it as your skin needs it during the day.
  • Easy to absorb and fast hydrating
  • Light Refreshing Formula
  • Oil free
  • - Suitable for sensitive skin
  • For 60 years, Neutrogena has been a leader in skin health products, and expert dermatologists have partnered to invent, innovate and redevelop everything possible to care for your skin.

49.90 SAR
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