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Nitro Canada Cinema Hair Color Shampoo (Natural Black) Professional Argan 420 ml

198 SAR

Nitro Canada Argan Oil Hair Dye Shampoo Natural Black

Gives your hair a healthy-looking shine and 100% gray coverage in just 30 minutes. The best white hair dye shampoo with high quality and a luxurious natural formula, there will be no side effects to your hair or scalp. Argan oil shampoo from Nitro Canada contains a formula of argan oil that gives shine to your hair and aloe vera for intense hydration in addition to keratin that gives hair and makes it soft and thick.


Covering white hair with a natural black color within 30 minutes


Comfortable: Easy to use, just like shampoo

For normal hair - a time saver: a small amount of shampoo gives you shiny black in 30 minutes

- Save on communication: Compared to the expensive styling, hair dye in the salon is 30 times cheaper.

- Long lasting result on the hair and the color permanence varies according to the hair

- An abundant quantity of 420 ml in the place of consideration for the beard and mustache.

Argan oil adds shine to your hair.

Aloe vera provides intense hydration to the hair and helps hair growth

Sunflower extract maintains color sustainability.

- Adds vegetable keratin to

Your hair.

How to use argan oil hair dye shampoo:

After wearing the attached gloves, squeeze the shampoo pump. After shaking the bottle well, mix the shampoo cream on the palm of your hand and then apply the shampoo to your hair. Massage the shampoo cream into your hair and distribute it evenly throughout the hair. Leave the cream on your hair for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair well with an adequate amount. from water.

Results vary from person to person depending on the degree of natural hair color and gray coverage.

Usage warnings:

Avoid contact with eyes and skin in areas of application. If the product touches the eyes, the lukewarm.. the lukewarm..! Wear the dictionaries available in the set. Rinse hair well after application. Do not use it for anything other than dyeing your hair. Wait at least two weeks before applying hair dye once. Do not use henna. Do not inhale or swallow the product. Keep the product out of the reach of children. metallic.

* Herbal Ginseng * Fallopia MULTIFLORA * Five Bees * Ginger * Argan Oil. * Aloe vera extract. Herbal ginseng.

- Allergy test: Allergy allergy test. 48 hours before full application

Product Volume: 420ml

198 SAR
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