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Nivea Deodorant Roll-On for Black and White Clothes - 50ml

14.90 SAR

Nivea deodorant roll-on for black and white clothes:

Invisible protection for skin and clothes that lasts 24 hours

NIVEA Black and White Invisible Body Mist: The new body mist has been designed with the help of textile experts to provide a strong protection that prevents white marks from appearing on dark fabrics and reduces the appearance of yellow spots on light clothes, while preserving the black color for black clothes and white for white clothes.

This unique formula protects against perspiration, and helps maintain the original color of your clothes, as the clear protection leaves no trace on the clothes, this product is certified by the International Hohenstein Institute.

  • Does not leave white marks on dark clothes and prevents yellow spots from appearing on light clothes
  • Deodorant for 48h protection and gentle skin care from Nivea
  • It is approved as a skin friendly product that does not cause any skin reactions
  • Without alcohol or colorings

14.90 SAR
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هناء عبدالعزيز

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