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Nivea Men Dry Impact Antiperspirant Spray 150 ml

17.75 SAR
  • Nivea men dry impact deodorant spray with 24 hour effective care system
  • Ensures that the skin feels comfortably dry all day long
  • Its highly effective anti-perspirant formula has been specially developed to eliminate underarm moisture
  • It's the perfect blend of Nivea's ultimate care and trusted protection, with a lovely masculine scent
  • It is approved as a gentle product on the skin and is compatible with the skin and does not cause any skin allergies
  • The formula is also quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and dry
  • Apply one spray per day of Nivea Men's Anti-Yellow Spot Protection Anti-Perspirant under each arm to give you a great scent and confidence all day long.
  • Whether you choose black or white clothes, the result is guaranteed.
  • For a radiant look, first use Nivea Men Moisturizing Shower Gel.
  • Then use Nivea Body Lotion for an elegant look to get a distinctive look.
  • Finally, use Nivea Men's Daily Spray to make your look look perfect.
  • Now you're ready, you can go.

Usage Instructions:

  • Use at a distance of 15 cm from the body.
  • Intended for the area under the arms only or under the armpits

17.75 SAR
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