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Now Myrrh Concentrated Oil 30 ml

64.50 SAR

Myrrh Concentrated Oil - Now

This concentrated oil comes with its natural ingredients, such as sandalwood, that protects against inflammation and allergies that cause pimples, and prevents the appearance of acne. It prevents clogging of pores. It hides dark circles by applying it at least twice a week before bed. It prevents the appearance of signs of aging and aging, such as wrinkles. It deeply cleanses the skin of impurities and dirt caused by sweating, removes dead cells, and renews skin cells. It treats various skin diseases, which negatively affect the appearance of the skin, such as eczema as well as psoriasis and others. Relieves itching and irritation. Safely removes make-up, free from chemical damage. It is used to lighten dark areas and get rid of skin pigmentation. Treats minor burns, especially those that result from direct exposure to sunlight.

64.50 SAR
One comment

رواد احمد

1 month ago

كيف طريقه استخدام زيت المر على الوجه ؟

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