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Ofra Glow Up Illuminating Palette

270.50 SAR

Ofra Glow Up Highlighter Palette

Ofra lighting kit:

The lighting palette from OFRA, an amazing palette for all lovers of highlighter and bronze, as it combines the most famous degrees of illumination

Magnetic panel with built-in mirror and 8 easy-to-integrate lighting shades

Highlight the high points of your face and any specific areas that the light can highlight such as the browbones, the inner corners of the eyes, the chin, and even above the lips.

A unique palette from OFRA suitable for all skin tones, with a unique formula rich in color that gives you an unparalleled glow and beauty

The palette contains:

Highlighter Beverly Hills.

Rodeo drive highlighter.

Blissful Highlighter.

Star Island Highlighter

270.50 SAR
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