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Private Maxi Superlily 48 Pieces

28.50 SAR

:Product Description

Private Maxi Night with Wings 48 Pads

The Private Maxi Pocket combines protection and style. Private Maxi Pocket, Night Size, contains 48 compressed pads that have a natural cotton feel to give you the ultimate in privacy and security.

Inspired by the colors of nature, Private goes beyond protection and comfort to offer a range of sanitary pads in style!

Now, Private combines safety and softness with beauty and elegance to embrace the colorful look that every woman deserves!

The Private Maxi Pocket adds glamor all the way to protecting the woman. The PrivateMaxi Pocket Pocket is available in a night size with 48 compressed pads, designed with a natural cotton feel cover for maximum safety and security. The towel has a distinctive design inside and out.

Night volume: for heavy flow

New embossed pattern directs fluid and prevents leakage, 3D center, colored plastic housing.

Available as:

1 pack 8 pads

Economy pack 24 pads

Economy pack 48 pads

28.50 SAR
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