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Pullover - Nail Polish 609

15.90 SAR

Colorful Bolivar nail polish available in 70 shades directly inspired by gradual looks.

*An expertly designed round brush that allows for a smooth, streak-free application.

*Polyvar nail polish quick-drying manicure, protects your nails and makes them smooth.

*Resistant to fading thanks to its absorption of UV rays.

* Long-wearing, high-shine formula delivers intense clarity.

*Superior material with large brush is easy to deliver excellent results.

* If you are one of the women who seeks to have an attractive appearance, it is recommended to paint the nails of Polyver, which seeks to obtain a glossy effect.

How to use

*Start your manicure with clean hands and nails, just make three pulls to cover your nails.

Starting at the base of your nail, sweep the brush from left to right, then down the middle.

15.90 SAR
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