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Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brushes

97 SAR

The Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brush Set is a set consisting of three main makeup brushes that are enough for you to use and achieve any basic look you want, whether you are at home or outside. It contains a Real Techniques basic brush for foundation and foundation that has precisely designed and cut bristles to help you apply liquid foundation and concealer as well.

These new Real Techniques brushes also contain a dome-shaped eye brush that gives you excellent control when defining and applying eye shadows, and they are suitable for both powder and cream shades. And the latest makeup brush from Real Techniques is a multi-use brush that comes in a large size and is suitable for applying powders, blushes, bronzers, and more.

This original Real Techniques brush set also comes with a small bag case that converts into a stand to help you organize your makeup brushes if you are indoors or out and on the road, in addition, you can use it to dry brushes when you put them upside down.

97 SAR
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