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Roses Mask for hair loss protection with natural garlic extract 500 ml

38.75 SAR

The mask is specially designed for thin hair that is prone to hair loss. The formula, enriched with 100% natural garlic extract*, strengthens and restores exhausted hair from roots to ends. With regular use, hair loss decreases and becomes thick, healthy and shiny, without dry ends.

Garlic is rich in selenium and vitamins that stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, stimulate growth and reduce hair loss.

The composition includes glycerin, which strengthens hair, relieves itching and helps fight dandruff.

It also has a moisturizing, toning and antiseptic effect.

The added panthenol stimulates growth, regenerates the cells of the scalp and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

Moisturizes hair and makes it soft and supple.

38.75 SAR
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