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Shea Moisture Nourishing and Treating Hair Conditioner with Rice and Orchid Extracts - 370ml

69.50 SAR

Colored hair care conditioner for dyed hair in all shades, light and blond with violet rice water

Suitable for color-treated hair with all its pores

Nourishes and stimulates hair growth:

Contains organic raw shea butter to provide nutrient-rich moisture to your hair and promote its growth

Thickening and smoothing:

Made with natural ingredients like rice proteins, this shampoo cleanses every strand of hair, reducing frizz to leave you with smooth, voluminous hair.

Gently clean:

This all-natural, sulfate-free hair cleanser removes everyday dirt and buildup without stripping hair of essential oils and moisture with Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Cleanser.

Revitalizes the scalp and prevents split ends:

The mint and coconut oil blended in this formula rejuvenate the hair scalp and protect the hair from breakage and other damages caused by external factors.

Repairing damaged hair:

Jamaican black castor oil used in this formula has beneficial properties that revitalize and revitalize dry and brittle hair.

This shampoo is ideal for chemically treated straight, dyed or thermally damaged hair with high porosity

How to use

It is used after washing the hair on clean hair. Divide the hair into sections and place it on the hair, focusing on the ends. You can comb the hair with a detangling brush or a wet brush to detangle the knots and moisturize the hair. Leave 5 minutes and then rinse.

69.50 SAR
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